A Mascot For Your Brand

A few years ago, we felt the need to link our ethos of One Team with an image that would continue to guide the business, long after many of us went our way. We at that time decided to hire a husband wife team (Harsha and Sameer) who ran a company called “Anybody Can Paint” and conduct an activity called “Paintastic”. They showed me a few images and the picture that you see below is what I selected, as this picture showcased Power, Stature, Confidence, Persistence, Attitude, and the various elements that went to create this image reflected the Team Work aspect of the exercise.

The way the exercise works is that the tiles that make up this picture are handed over to groups, who have a print of the tile that they now need to paint, in line with the specifications used in the print. So this means using pencils to draw the outlines and use colours to paint the image as per the sample provided. All of this had to be completed in a certain time, so the teams had to work together to ensure that work was appropriately allocated with an internal quality control, as presenting below par tiles meant losing marks in the final tally. None knew what the final outcome would be.

The video below is the unveiling of the image that later became the mascot of the GDC and will continue to be the mascot for many years to come.